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Photos make the first impression of your listing. 

According to "Realtor Magazine"... 87 percent of home shoppers say they relied on photos to help make their decision on whether to buy the property, according to surveys by the National Association of REALTORS®. Professionally photographed homes tend to fetch a higher premium... A 47 percent higher asking price per square foot, according to an analysis by Redfin.


Flambient HDR Photography

(High Dynamic Range)

We provide high-quality, affordable Real Estate Photography that will surpass expectations. We utilize "Flash/Ambient", sometimes called “Flambient" photography with HDR (High Dynamic Range) tuning techniques. This type photography requires 3 or more images, blended together, capturing the full range of color with no “Blown Out” windows or over shadowing from artificial lighting and  exterior sources. “Furthermore, we create more than just the basics... In our premium package, we include drone imaging, what the industry calls window pulls, fireplace enhancement, and television swaps. We want to make sure that your home gets noticed, driving more traffic to you listing.


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"Your photography skills are awesome. Your photo has been selected! High quality photos help people see what truly makes a business shine, so thanks for sharing such a great pic." 

Living Space - Sarasota, Florida - 360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Photography
360 Real Estate Services, LLC - Longboat Key, Florida - Kitchen - HDR Photography

"Flambient" with HDR ENHANCEMENT

  Is a superior method of Photography

The “Fambient” method when shooting real estate photography involves combining both "Flash" and "Ambient" light in your shots. The flambient method is one of the most fastest growing methods for shooting real estate photography and is far superior to other techniques.

Check out this "Flambient" edit below

Illustrations or HDR ENHANCEMENT

and Twilight Photography Is AVAILABLE

A quote is required prior to these services. Sometimes, Mother nature can be uncooperative, we do not necessarily have to shoot a perfect sunset (Sky). Some homes can be digitally enhanced to get the superior results. We utilize the leader in visual effects... A variety of  Adobe software platforms.

Twilight Real Estate Photography  | Brad Meece | Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida

HD Aerial 


Drones… This aspect of the photo shoot has the potential to make a statement, especially if the property is all about location…location… location! This is where we would focus on additional photos if the property has many key elements. This service will definitely put your listing in high demand.

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Flambient Real Estate Photography  | Brad Meece | Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida

Photography, Aerial, Video, Thermal Imaging Illustration & Hdr enhancement Fees 

These are guidelines, Each job requires a quote and service agreement to better understand the scope of our services. You can request a copy of our service agreement via email or by hitting the contact button Below. Square Footage is Based on total Under Roof.

Infrared Thermal Imaging (Starting At...)​                                                                                                     $50+
HDR Enhancement & Twilight Photography  (Starting At...Quote Needed )​                                $100+
Illustrations (Starting At... Quote Needed                                                                                              $100+
Aerial Photography Only (Starting At...Quote Needed )​                                                                         $75
Full Interior, Exterior & Aerial Photography Pkg. -(Average 2000 Sq.Ft.or less)    -                   $200+
Full Interior, Exterior & Aerial Photography Pkg. -(Average 3000 Sq.Ft. or less)   -                   $300+
Full Interior,  Exterior & Aerial Photography Pkg. -(Average 4000  Sq.Ft. or less) -                   $400+
Full Interior , Exterior & Aerial  - (Average  over 4000 Sq.Ft.)                                            Quote Needed 
Commercial Property Interior & Exterior                                                                                    Quote Needed
Full Video - Walk Through & Includes Music(Starting at $200)                                         Quote Needed
Trip Charge  (Dependent on the scope of the job & location   Starting at $25+ Included w/ Quote 

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